Do you get the feeling that its all been done before when it comes to wedding decor?  Are you sick of mason jar everything, paper globes, and blasted Pinterest ideas?  We know you want to be unique and innovative with wedding decorations, but you still want everything to look gorgeous and perfect.  With these 9 fun twists on traditional wedding decor, we can guarantee that guests will fall in love with these decoration ideas all over again.

Bring your picnic inside

indoor picnic, wedding reception

Photo from bizbash.com

Picnic baskets, blankets, and pillows really made a stand last season, and in the 2014 wedding season they still hold their magic.  But creating the fun, relaxed vibe of a picnic while inside a comfortable, modern venue makes for an even more memorable and stunning event.  Fill the floor with pillows and blankets, give guests picnic baskets filled with food, drinks and desserts, and drape the ceiling with gold Christmas lights that look like stars.

Trade in Mr. & Mrs. signs for engraved linen

wedding, table runner, engraved,

The Mr. and Mrs. signs that hang on the front of the head table or the on the back of the bride and groom’s chairs are still adorable and make for amazing pictures.  But if you’re looking for something a little different, have your head table’s linen personally engraved with your wedding’s exact colors and whatever message you’d like.

Forget the bird cage

mailbox, card holder, wedding, giftswedding card holder, wooden box

Bird cages quickly became the most commonly used form of card holders at weddings after their debut on Pinterest.  However, it seems their overuse has taken away their appeal.  With plenty of other amazing card holder ideas, there’s no need to drag out the bird cage trend.  We recommend old mail boxes or personalized wooden boxes.

Modernize your chalkboard sign

wedding signage, clear white board, chalkboard

It’s a proven fact: chalkboards can be used for pretty much every aspect of your wedding.  They can tell guests where to sit and what to do, they can display your menu, they can even let people know that they’re at the right place.  These cool see-through boards can do the same, with a fun twist.  Don’t tell me clear white boards weren’t the absolute coolest thing when you saw them on TV as a kid!

Line the aisle with glitter

wedding, aisle, glitter lining

No need to line the aisle with flower petals when you’re flower girl has already dedicated her entire day to that job! Instead, try something new and line it with glitter!  The contrast between that and the petals is gorgeous.

Exchange paper globes for balloons

balloons, ceiling, wedding, reception

Paper globes covering the ceiling give your wedding a little something extra.  But a cheaper, easier alternative is the number one party decoration of all times: balloons.  Fill them with helium and let them float to the ceiling (even the hanging strings give a fun, unique vibe).

…And hanging lights for hanging candles

hanging candles, wedding, decorations

Christmas lights can be used almost anywhere in any wedding.  So put them to better use then simply hanging them on the ceiling.  Instead, create a more glamorous look by hanging candles and votives which does the same job much more elegantly.

Have guests decorate their own mason jars

mason jars, paint, wedding decorations, wedding activities

You didn’t think we could make it through an entire blog about wedding decorations and not mention mason jars, did you?  The truth is, they’re useful, different, and adorable… and we can’t deny those qualities.  But try something new with them, and let your guests decorate their own to use as glasses.  Either have them bring a glass already decorated or have a station set up where they can paint, glitter and sticker their way to a personalized cup.

Turn sparklers into floating lanterns for your exit

floating lantersn, wedding exit idea

It’s the oh-so-amazing sparkler exit done even better.  Switch those sparklers out for floating lanterns and have your guests release them as you run past.

Visit our Pinterest for even more amazing wedding decoration ideas.  Also check out our Facebook and Twitter for wedding and event advice, ideas, special, and contests!



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